VOICE AGU Meeting 2013

December 7, 2013

San Francisco, CA


Speaker Title
Charlie Langmuir & Peter Huybers Overview
Susanne Carbott  "Abyssal hills, seismics, Juan de Fuca Ridge"
Richard Katz  "The mantle melting response to sea level change"
USGS Group  "Glaciation and Cascades volcanism"
Charlie Langmuir  "Potential signals from petrology"
David Ferguson  "Postglacial volcanism in Chile"
Richard Alley "Effects of stresses from flexure under ice sheets"
Jerry Mitrovica "Geographically variable glacial isostatic adjustment"
Peter Huybers "Some speculation about a delayed CO2, volcanism, sea level oscillator"
Jerry McManus "Oxygen isotope stratigraphies, elemental analyses via XRF, and U-Th disequilibria"
Jenny Middleton "Preliminary results from cores near the mid-Atlantic ridge"
Kaj Hoernle "Results of times series dredging from the Pacific"
  Late  summer 2014 cruise status and planning
  Discussion of plans and collaborations for the year ahead